Tuesday, August 20, 2013

11 killed, 11 hurt in various incidents - Pakistan Observer

Wednesday, August 21, 2013 - Khairpur—At least six persons including two women were killed and 13 others injured when a passenger bus over turned here in the wee hours of Tuesday. According to police, an over speeding Karachi bound passenger bus coming from Punjab turned turtle in Thari Mir Wah town in district Khairpur of Sindh due to opening of tie-rod.

As a result of accident six people including two women were killed on the spot while 13 others sustained injuries. Police, rescue personnel and local people reached the scene of the accident and started rescue operation.

The bodies and injured were shifted to various hospitals in Thari Mir Wah and Gambat where according to hospital sources condition of some injured people was serious. Police said the over speeding coach was packed to capacity and the driver lost control over it while negotiating a sharp turn.

Chitral: At least five persons killed and four others injured when a jeep plunged into deep ravine in mountainous area here on Tuesday. According to details, a jeep with 10 persons on board, traveling from Chitral city to Tirich skidded off the road and fell into a ravine in Mastuj area. Five people were killed on the spot in the accident and four other sustained wounds.

The local people on self help basis shifted the injured to Shahgiram hospital. It should be mentioned that such incidents are frequent in northern areas of Pakistan due to difficult terrains and poor condition of roads.

Murree: At least 11 persons sustained injuries when a passenger bus plunged into ravine here on Tuesday morning. According to rescue sources, a Rawalpindi bound passenger bus fell into gorge while negotiating a sharp turn in Nandkot locality of Murree. The police and rescue personnel reached the scene, pulled out the injured and shifted them to hospital for treatment. The injured passengers said that accident took placed due to over speeding and careless driving.

Kurram Agency: Three children were killed when roof of a dilapidated house caved in here on Tuesday. According to political administration, roof of a mud and stone made house located in Central Kurram Agency collapsed as heavy rain lashed the area on late Monday night and early Tuesday morning.

Three children died in the incident while other family members fortunately survived unhurt. It should be mentioned that eight people have died in roof collapse incidents due to recent torrential rains besides destroying hundreds of residential houses.— INP

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