Friday, August 16, 2013

After stand-off, pro-Sharia gunman shot at is out of danger - Hindustan Times

Sikandar Khan, the man who kept Islamabad on tenterhooks for six hours a day earlier was on Friday was declared out of danger after a successful surgery that removed bullets from his body.

Khan was in the news in Pakistan all Thursday evening when he drove his car into a high

security zone of the Pakistan capital and fired on policemen in a bid to protest what he described as "rise in vulgarity" and demand immediate imposition of Sharia law in Pakistan.

The standoff was carried live by most TV news channels in Pakistan for six hours.

Carrying two automatic weapons and using his two children and wife as human shields, Sikandar Khan kept the Islamabad police puzzled on how to deal with the situation.

The saga ended late Thursday night when a local MP tackled the gunmen on his own initiative after volunteering to conduct negotiations.

In a scene out of a Bollywood movie, Zamurrad Khan, a local member of parliament, first drew close to the family of Sikandar Khan and then pounced on the gunman in a bid to disarm him.

Chaos ensued in which first Sikandar tried to shoot Zamurrad Khan and then tried to run at which point the local police shot Sikandar down. Zamurrad, who had fallen in the scuffle, by then had gathered the children and taken them to safety.

The incident, however, has raised questions about the security arrangements in place in the Pakistani capital, which has been on red alert for the past few weeks over threats issued by militant groups.
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